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Support Vassar AthleticsSupport Vassar Athletics Through the Brewers Fund

Make A Gift To The Brewers Fund. Contributions to the Brewers Fund will enhance the overall experience for all of Vassar's 550 student-athletes by helping to fund needs such as facility improvements, strength and conditioning staff, out-of-region travel, student-athlete leadership programming, equipment, apparel, live streaming, recruiting, and much more.

Make A Gift To A Specific Team. Gifts may be designed to specific teams, and will be used to fund the highest priority for the 23 varsity intercollegiate and 4 varsity club teams, as identified by the head coach and Director of Athletics & Physical Education. Twenty percent of each gift made to a specific team will be utilized for general support of athletics at Vassar.

Vassar’s Student-Athletes are Winning in the Classroom and in their Chosen Sports.

You Can Help Them Continue to Succeed.

In the past three years, Vassar has seen 617 student-athletes earn Liberty League All- Academic honors in sports where the Brewers compete. The 2018-19 season saw the most ever honored in a single year with 217.

In the past three years, Vassar student-athletes have achieved All-American status in women’s rugby, field hockey, swimming, tennis, track and field and volleyball, and in men’s lacrosse and volleyball.

In 2018-19, women’s rugby became the first program in Vassar athletics history to win a National Championship, defeating Winona State by a 50-13 margin on December 2, 2018 in North Carolina.

The 2018-19 season saw a national championship, two conference titles, a regular season championship, and featured the highest finish at the NCAA Championships by a Vassar swimmer as Jesse Ecklund took fourth in the 200 yd backstroke.

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Supporting the needs of Vassar’s student-athletes as they strive to achieve their full potential in competition, the classroom, and in the global community.

What Our Student-Athletes are SayingWhat Our Student-Athletes are Saying

“Being a student-athlete at Vassar has been a great experience for me. From the first day I moved in at college, I already had 20 guys showing me where everything was, how to balance athletics and academics. From that early support I was able to forge some of the strongest friendships in my life with teammates who I know I can always count on.”

Hayden Van Brewer, Men's Soccer, '18

“My team is my family. My collegiate experience wouldn't be the same without them: we eat, study, practice together, and still feel we haven't seen enough of each other. We are each other's most useful resources when it comes to doing homework or preparing for tests, and biggest fans on the pool deck.”

Julia Cunningham, Women's Swimming, '17

“The Brewers Fund has taken Vassar's athletics programs to the next level. It ensures that the department is properly staffed so that we can be our strongest, most healthy and well-trained selves. It will take our already top-notch facilities to the next level. It will put Vassar's athletic reputation on par with its top-tier academic reputation.”

Matt Knigge, Men's Volleyball, '18

“Some friends recruited me to play when I was a sophomore, and I loved it right away. Rugby is just so physically empowering, and the bonds you form with your teammates are strong; they will be my friends for the rest of my life. We’re all part of the Vassar rugby extended family.”

Taylor Nunley, Women's Rugby, '16

“I learned countless life lessons from being a student-athlete while at Vassar College. One such lesson that I learned specifically from being a student-athlete is the important of having confidence in oneself. There is a type of self-confidence that is unique to being a student-athlete, particularly at an academically rigorous institution such as Vassar.”

Taylor Vann, Men's Track, '16

“Vassar student-athletes are incredibly hard-working, determined, and talented, but no one accomplishes anything alone. Vassar student-athletes rely on the continued support of coaches, teammates, athletic trainers, equipment, facilities and so much more. The Brewers Fund will help advance athletics at Vassar by ensuring that student- athletes have the resources and continued support that they need to be successful and competitive at the highest level.”

Heather Ingraham, Women's Track, '15

While we take justifiable pride in our champions, every student-athlete who competes in varsity sports at Vassar is important to us. And every gift to the Brewers Fund can help make a difference in their lives.

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What could your gift help provide?What could your gift help provide?

  • An additional athletic trainer on staff
  • Reduced cost of spring and winter training trips
  • New strength and conditioning equipment
  • Expanded RISE programming for all student-athletes
  • Annual in-house orthopedic services
  • New team recruitment videos
  • New awards display in the AFC lobby
Stick $150
Arm Pads $70
Uniform $100
Gear $45
Helmet $150
Pads $85
Gloves $135
Socks $10
Sabre $85
Breastplate $30
Glove $70
Knickers $60
Mask $150
Lame $150
Protector $135
Socks $20

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Send a check to the Brewers Fund at Vassar College Box 725, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

Support Vassar’s student-athletes by making a gift of stock, or a planned gift. To find out how – or if you have any other questions about the Brewers Fund and giving to Vassar Athletics – contact us at or 845-443-8196.

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